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Gluten & Dairy Free Bread Classes

Our Amazing Bread Class has moved locations!

In the past we have taught this class as a demonstration in a home kitchen. We will now be teaching this class at Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School. Each participant in the class will now be able to have their own work station to make their own loaf of bread, seeded crackers and delicious bagels.

All recipes are gluten, dairy and gum free.

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Gluten & Dairy Free Potsticker Classes

Our class has moved!

Gluten-free dumplings are easy to make when you have a no-fail recipe consisting of the right ingredients and cooking techniques. Join to make tried and tested gluten-free pot stickers and crystal steamed dumplings with three tasty fillings in this special cooking class.

What’s New on 1°GF

One Degree Gluten Free
Together we can make Singapore the best celiac friendly city in Asia.

A gluten free diet can be pretty inconvenient, but it is not the end of the world. There is power in numbers. Join 1°GF as Singapore joins in the gluten free awareness. We need your help to start a cross contamination revolution. Break out your gluten free beer and join the party!

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