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Living Gluten-Free in Singapore

Food is love.
1°GF helps to fill the gap when dietary requirements take over.
Accepting, adapting and embracing a gluten-free life.
Love your food.



Tabitha Millington
Tabitha MillingtonChief Investigator and Baker Extraordinaire
Tabitha can whip up a loaf of rustic gluten-free bread before you can spell psyllium. She is an encyclopedia of knowledge and the ultimate gluten detective. Originally from Sydney, Tabitha appreciates a good farmer’s market and a dirty latte.
Karen Horan
Karen HoranHead Dreamer and Star Chaser
Karen has learned to channel her energy for talking about gluten-free by figuring out how to upload all the tidbits of information to the 1°GF website. Since moving to Singapore from America six years ago, Karen has finally made peace with using the metric system.

Volunteers & Contributors

Bridget Marr
Bridget MarrRegistered Dietitian and Nutritionist
Bridget is a U.K. trained and registered dietitian with a special interest in using nutrition to treat gastrointestinal conditions. She enjoys helping people separate fact from fiction.
Nicole Friets
Nicole FrietsMulticultural Writer and Editor
Although she is actually half American, Nicole considers herself a true blue Singaporean as she has lived there her entire life. When she is not writing for various publications, she can be found thrashing CrossFit WODS (or at least trying to), burning her thighs at barre, or finding some excuse to soak up the sun. In other words, this self confessed diehard Disney fan finds it hard to sit still – unless there’s a rerun of FRIENDS showing!
Pooja Kapoor
Pooja KapoorGluten-Free Guru
A teacher by profession and passion Pooja has a newfound love for writing. When not researching on gluten-free products across the island you can find her indulging in a good book with a coffee!
Azlin Mohd-Salleh
Azlin Mohd-SallehRecipe Researcher
Baking breeds happiness. In a household dominated by XY chromosomes and toilet humour, the kitchen is my refuge. Which is a good thing, because I have a cookbook addiction that is matched only by my appetite!
Suasti Lye
Suasti LyeFearless Restaurant Reporter
Few things can distract Suasti from taking pictures like a good gluten-free meal. Live vicariously through Suasti’s restaurant adventures and read up on all the details. The best meals will have the least pictures.
Noa Harari
Noa HarariNutritionist
Noa has had professional and personal experience in living with Celiac Disease. She believes that “one size does not fit all” and comes up with nutritional programs that are tailored to each individual and their circumstance. She also works closely with some medical specialists and offers services such as menu planning, diet consultations, and on-site supermarket tours.


RadhikaExpert in Indian Cuisine and Fabulous Cakes
Radhika believes anyone can learn to cook and she loves helping people discover their inner chefs. When she is not baking or decorating cakes, Radhika can be found dancing around the house to Hindi music, Billy Joel or Nat King Cole.
Lisa Rumsey
Lisa RumseyFrench Baking Expert
Lisa teaches gluten-free baking from her home in the western suburbs of Paris and is working on a cookery book. She also takes people on walking tours in Paris hunting down ingredients, bakeware and good GF things to eat.