1°GF very carefully considered whether or not to recommend a restaurant, cafe, bakery, product, event or service.  Our recommendations must meet 1°GF standards for celiac awareness, safe preparation protocol, ingredients sourcing and menu options.

  • Owner manager and staff need to have at least a basic understanding of celiac disease and understand how to safely prepare a gluten free meal.
  • The establishment must be able and willing to take reasonable measure to prevent cross contamination and mistakes in ordering, preparation and serving of gluten free food.
  • There must be multiple gluten free options on the menu that are worth recommending to our readers.  Salad without croutons and fruit plates do not count.

No matter how carefully we make our recommendations, experiences will vary.  You may come into contact with a less knowledgeable staff member, menus, ingredients or suppliers may change.  Please keep in mind the potential for change and always ask questions and do you own research to ensure you have the best experience possible.

1°GF posts recommendations as a service to the gluten free community in Singapore and are not financially compensated for our work, research or writing.  1°GF is not compensated to provide opinions on products, services, eateries or websites.  The views express on this website are purely our own.

We are not medical professionals and anything on this website should be taken as an opinion rather than medical advice.  As always, please check with your doctor, practitioner or dietician regarding any medial advice you require.

From time to time 1°GF may accept free products or meals.  If you use them in a post, we will declare that we have received them for free of charge and will give an honest opinion.  Any sponsored content will have a disclaimer at the beginning of the post.

Criteria for accepting free products, events, or meals:

  • The product, event or meal is one we personally like and would be happy to recommend to friends and readers.
  • We believe the content would be interesting for our readers
  • We have time to attend the event or visit the establishment.  Any products should come with a full list of ingredients and information about the suppliers and manufacturing facilities.