A cool treat on a warm night

Located at the intersection of Orchard and Scott’s Road, Gelatissimo is known for its quality hand-made gelato that is made with only the best, natural ingredients.

My gluten intolerant husband has made peace with giving up cakes and cookies, but he still loves a good sweet treat after dinner.  Few desserts are more refreshing in the warm Singapore evenings that a frozen dish of gelato.  On a stroll by the Gelatissimo outlet, we noticed the large allergen awareness sign by the kiosk.   Although the risk of cross contamination runs high, we give them credit for effort.  

It says gluten free, but can I trust the label?

Many of the flavors of the display case are marked gluten or dairy free.  There are many   flavors that contain wheat or are decorated with gluten-filled items such as cookies or cakes alongside of the gluten free ones.  

Each flavor its own dedicated scooper (reducing the risk of cross contamination), the container options are either cup or cone meaning that crumbs could potentially end up in the gluten free gelato.

Kudos to Gelatissimo, however, who lists additional ingredients on their website (give link) and are often more than willing to scoop gelato from the freezer instead of the display case.

Safety first

We strongly recommend mentioning  to the staff that the order is for someone with celiac disease so they are aware to take extra precaution given that it is a medical condition, as opposed to a diet or preference. For those who have non-celiac gluten intolerance, ordering from the display case would be a reasonable risk.  It is recommended to pay attention to be sure no gluten containing ingredients are accidentally added into the gluten free order.

For additional information on ingredients, please visit the Gelatissimo website.


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