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Gluten-Free Consulting Services

1°GF offers personalized gluten-free consulting within Singapore.  Consulting services provide an opportunity to work together one-on-one to help you get comfortable and confident in your gluten-free diet.

Who would benefit from personal consulting services?

  • You or a loved one have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or your healthcare provider has determined that you need to restrict gluten from your diet.  You feel overwhelmed at the thought of tackling this change and seek guidance in how to remove these from your diet.
  • You are new to Singapore and need help finding navigating the vast world of wet markets, grocery stores, and specialty shops.
  • You have been managing your gluten-free diet for awhile and feel like your ‘stuck in a rut’.  You want to reinvigorate your life with a sense of pleasure around food and just don’t know how to get there.
  • You are currently on a gluten-free diet but just aren’t feeling the benefits. You want an outside pair of eyes to examine and refresh your diet.

Services Offered

  • Personal and family consulting
  • Market tours
  • Label Reading
  • Gluten-free awareness training for restaurants and cafes
  • Gluten-free awareness training for teachers of gluten-free children

Restaurant and Cafe Gluten-Free Awareness Training

  • Kitchen & Front of the House Staff Training
  • Gluten-Free Menu Development & Revision
  • Cross Contamination Awareness
  • Celiac and Gluten Intolerance Awareness



Please email us at contact@OneDegreeGlutenFree.com for more information about Personal Gluten-Free Consulting and Restaurant and Cafe Gluten-Free Awareness Training.