Grand Hyatt Mezza9

Gluten Free – Grand Hyatt Mezza9

Going to Mezza9 at the Grand Hyatt on Scotts Road is a joy because they know what gluten is! Yes, its true!

On my recent trip there, we were seated and a fresh loaf of bread was placed on our table. As the waitress approached for our order, I told her I was gluten free and she looked extremely concerned and quickly pushed the bread basket as far as possible from me! It made me smile. She was helping me! In Singapore!

One of my favourite dishes here is the Sashimi Moriawase. The seafood is fresh and the best part is that when you ask them for gluten free soy sauce, it arrives promptly. These are the things that excite a food fanatic who can no longer eat gluten. It’s the little things.

I also had the Spencer Gulf Wild King Prawn Cocktail. The prawns were simply, well, just prawns but the cocktail sauce was well balanced with just the right amount of acidity and that lingering mouth flavor that makes you want that little bit more.

I was hoping that I could have the pork chop on the menu and the waitress complied by going to ask the chef if it could be done. And lo and behold it could! It was delicious. The interesting name of Dingley Dell Pork Chop with a Warm Potato Salad, Caramelized Apple and Gravy really hit the spot. The smoky grilling of the pork chop, added flavor and the actual pork its self had a nice layer of fat which kept it tender and moist. The caramelized apple was tart and cooked perfectly, holding its shape long enough for you to be able to get it in your mouth. You can never go wrong with any kind of potato salad as far as I am concerned. I was a happy girl.

The fact that the chefs and the staff know exactly what gluten is and were happy to help, gives Mezza9 a huge nod of my head. I will be back. Gluten free comfort food has my name written all over it.

*image credit to the Grand Hyatt, I was too busy eating to take any photos.

Suasti Lye loves to share her restaurant experiences with the gluten free community.    The 1°GF team is so grateful when she reports back on a fabulous meal.   To see more of Suasti’s great work, please visit her website.