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Gluten free meal? No problem.

Like with any culture, going out for meals is an integral part of the Singapore culture. For most people, meals are an easy and enjoyable experience – whether it be lunch with co-workers, a date night with friends, or a nice meal with the family. For those who have adhere to a gluten free diet, however, dining out can be a challenging and scary process with unknown ingredients and lack of understanding about safe gluten free dining.

Marché Rosti Station

Thankfully, more restaurants are starting to catch on to the gluten free lifestyle and Marché Mövenpick is no exception.

Marché has multiple outlets in Singapore specialising in display cooking, where dishes are prepared in front of guests, guests are able to view what ingredients go into their dishes resulting in a decreased chance of cross-contamination.  All food and sauces are made in-house daily from fresh ingredients.   Unlike many restaurants that often require advance notification for gluten free dining, Marché has excellent gluten free options that are always available.

We visited Marche at 313 Somerset and compiled a list of gluten free dishes that you can easily order and enjoy without any hassle.

Below, we have compiled a list of gluten free stations and the dishes that you can easily order and enjoy.

Marché Rosti

Rosti Station

Pan Fried Potato Pancake

This dish is made by pan-frying shredded potatoes in a butter/corn oil blend until they turn golden brown. The potatoes are boiled, peeled, and shredded at the restaurant. Some safe toppings to go with the Rosti include sour cream, spring onions, smoked salmon, and mushroom ragout.

Paella Station

Traditional Spanish Rice

This dish is made by cooking rice in a stock (made in-house with fresh ingredients) and subsequently adding seafood, chicken, and vegetables resulting in a lovely and aromatic medley of deliciousness.

Marché Paella
Marché Salmon

Seafood Grill

Salmon, SeaBass, Prawns, etc

The fresh seafood such as salmon, seabass, and prawns are not marinated.  Only the seafood is placed on the grill surface.  The papaya salad and mashed potatoes are also gluten free.

Note:  The calamari is batter dipped, but fried separately.  

Meat Grill/Rotisserie

Chicken, Beef Cuts, Roast Chicken, etc

Most of the meats such as the chicken (marinated in lemon juice) and beef cuts are gluten free. Similar to the seafood grill, the mashed potato is gluten free and can be served with the gravy/sauces that are thickened with arrowroot powder.  Although the sausage is probably gluten free, we are unable to verify for sure.  

Note:  Pork Knuckle is cannot be verified GF.  At this time, it is best to skip it as an option.  Please speak directly with staff to confirm potential marinating of meats.

Marché Rôtisserie
Marché Vegetables

Fresh Salad Station

A fresh array of vegetables

The only dressings used on the vegetables are vinegar and olive oil. The restaurant does not use malt vinegar.

Cooked Vegetable Station

Diners can pick their own vegetables to be stir fried before them 

The vegetables are only stir-fried with oil, salt, and pepper – no flour or thickeners are used.

Dessert Station

Cakes, pies, and waffles are definitely a no-no but Marché serves Movenpick ice cream which is mostly gluten-free (we recommend taking a look at the allergen list beforehand).  If you need to be extra cautious, ask them to scoop from a new container with a clean scooper.  


All juices, teas, and wines are gluten free. Marché even carries one of our favorite soda pops, Bundaberg ginger beer and root beer.

What is Off-Limits?

Do not despair, although crepes, pasta, and pizza are definitely all gluten full there are so many other naturally gluten free options you won’t go hungry.  

So, there you have it – a restaurant that actually has more gluten-free options that not!  As always, please approach the manager on duty if you are uncomfortable or have any questions about the ingredients or preparation of your dish.

Marche at 313 Somerset is open from 11am to 11pm each day. The least crowded times  to visit are before 12:30pm, 2:00-6:00pm, and after 8:30.

Go out with your friends, family or co-workers and enjoy your meal.

Our deep gratitude for General Manger Claudio Schilbli who patiently and throughly walked through each station with us and answered our long list of questions.

Marché website

Marché at 313@Somerset

Movenpick Allergen List

About the authors

Tabitha and Karen are always in search of a child-friendly gluten free meal and have been searching for restaurants in Singapore for over five years.

Nicole is a freelance writer who was able to decipher their extensive notes and shape it into coherent information.

Gluten freedom is a team effort.  


The information in the article is accurate at the time it is written.  No matter how carefully we make our recommendations, experiences will vary.  You may come into contact with a less knowledgeable staff member, menus, ingredients or suppliers may change.  Please keep in mind the potential for change and always ask questions and do you own research to ensure you have the best experience possible.  If you find a significant change in anything we have recommended, please email us at so that we can keep our information as up to date as possible.


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