Mustafa Center

145 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207704

Mustafa – a 24 hour “Walmart” of Singapore spanning over 400,000 square feet is located along Syed Alwi Road in the district of Little India.  With over 300,000 items displayed over four levels, you are bound to find what you are looking for and some bonus stuff you didn’t know you did! This six story building that has been an integral part of Singapore’s shopping and culture since 1973.  Mustafa carries a kaleidoscopic range of products, but more importantly they house a large range of gluten free goods some at a fraction of the price than other retailers.

Mustafa entrance

1°GF team are regulars at Mustafa so we made a list of our favorite gluten free items and have drawn a map of our typical shopping trip to help you find all our favs.  Enjoy these useful tips to make your experience at Mustafa as pain-free as possible.

Plan ahead

Mustafa may be HUGE but the aisles are narrow and packed with products.  It is guaranteed to be crowded on weekends, holidays and evenings.  The best time to visit is typically early in the morning.

Take a good look at our Gluten Free Walking Tour of Mustafa and print a hard copy to take along with you.  Make a general plan of where you want to visit and specific things to look for.

Come prepared

Your Mustafa shopping trip is best planned for the early morning.  Although there are no guarantees, the store tends to be least crowded at that time.  Have a good breakfast and arrive at the store well rested.  Charge your cell phone and make sure you have extra storage space for photos.  Make a list of a few things you are planning to look for.

If you are planning to do shop of more than 10 things, snag a shopping trolley first up. The smaller shopping baskets are easier to carry, but they mighty heavy fast!  If you don’t want to negotiate the elevators, wait until you reach the second floor to get a cart.  Trolleys are located next to the baking section level 3, between the buildings, near the hanging bananas.

Be comfortable

Comfortable shoes are key to avoid getting your toes stepped on. Dress in you best comfy clothes or your favorite active wear.

Take Notes

During your first few visits, bring your cell phone or notepad to take notes of where you have found the various items. It can get pretty confusing – there are two buildings so same items can often be found at different places and items can also repeat in the different buildings. Given that, we suggest using your cell phone camera to take snap shots  both the product and the aisle sign so you can be sure to find the items again.

Enjoy yourself!

Even though we did mention trying to get in and out as soon as possible, there’s definitely a ton of things to enjoy during your time at Mustafa. There’s so much in the shopping centre itself but also in the area surrounding it. Little India is a culture-fest filled filled with so many sights and sounds – be sure to bring a camera.

Useful things to know

If you know you use a few things regularly then stock up on a few extras, occasionally it won’t be there again until the next international shipment. This is all part of living in an island paradise.

Mustafa does not deliver. You need to bring all of your goodies home with you.  If you are taking public transportation home, do not buy more than you can carry! Taxis are available outside the store, but keep in mind time of day and weather can affect availability.

Walking Tour of Mustafa 

Download and print out these maps to take along on your next shopping trip

Favorites on 1°GF’s shopping list:
Bob’s Red Mill flours and grains
  • sorghum flour
  • potato starch
  • tapioca starch
  • sweet white rice flour
  • organic brown rice flour
  • 1 for 1 gluten free flour
  • millet flour
  • linseeds
  • psyllium husk
  • almond meal/flour
  • buckwheat
  • organic cane sugar
Pantry Staples
  • ponni and idli rice
  • organic basmati
  • organic gram
  • urad dal
  • turkish delight
  • tahini
  • Hershey’s unsweetened bake bar
  • brown rice syrup
  • jaggery sugar
  • icing sugar
  • Go Well gluten free wraps
  • fresh coconut milk
  • himalayan salt
  • fresh grated coconut
  • QBB pure ghee
  • idli mixes
  • dried figs
  • dates
  • dried cranberries
  • chia seeds
  • pistachios
  • almonds
  • cashews
  • dried rosella
  • rose petals (cake decorating)
  • Hershey’s chocolate chips
  • Natco dried spices
  • Greenfields white sesame seeds
  • nigella seeds
  • black rice vinegar – Sing Sing brand
  • tabasco
  • pomegranate molasses
  • Asian Home Gourmet chicken rice seasoning packet
  • Dancing Chef red curry paste
  • maldon or cornish salt flakes