Recommended Products & Great Offers

There are so many gluten free products on the market it is hard to know what to buy.  Here is what we have tried out and can recommend to you.

We all love a good offer!  Any special deals from gluten free vendors will be posted here as well.

  • The Whole Kitchen gluten-free sourdough bread

Introducing The Whole Kitchen

Are you looking for fresh baked gluten-free bread in Singapore?  You need to check out The Whole Kitchen gluten-free sourdough!  In addition to bread, they have cakes, granola, nut mixes and energy pearls and a SPECIAL OFFER  for our readers!  1°GF caught up with the owners, […]

Apiwraps are BEESWAX WRAPS for storing gluten free bread and other foodstuffs.

I mentioned in classes this week that I like to use these wraps to store my gluten free breads (as opposed to wrapping in foil).

Neis Haus is the online store you can purchase the Apiwraps from and they are […]

  • 13 gluten-free breads

A Gluten-Free Baker’s Dozen 

The number one question we get when people move to Singapore or start a gluten-free diet is Where do I find gluten-free bread? The choices have increased exponentially in the past five years and it can be hard to remember where to buy good certain […]

The Nima Sensor has arrived and we have put it into action!  The first test is with East Manhattan Bakery Gluten Free Bread.  We purchased it at the Lorong Kilat shop and stored in a dedicated gluten free home in the freezer until we were able to test it. […]