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Introducing The Whole Kitchen

Are you looking for fresh baked gluten-free bread in Singapore?  You need to check out The Whole Kitchen gluten-free sourdough!  In addition to bread, they have cakes, granola, nut mixes and energy pearls and a SPECIAL OFFER for our readers!  1°GF caught up with the owners, Anne and Su recently to find out a little more about the bakery.

How did The Whole Kitchen come about in Singapore?

We have been in Singapore for almost 5 years now. We both moved from Australia with our husbands' work and met as neighbors in our condo.

The Whole Kitchen started almost two years ago with a mission of making genuinely healthy and delicious food accessible to everyone. We focus on taste as much as nutrition and have a range of breakfast, snack and bakery items that are made from all natural ingredients, are gluten-free and low in sugar.

What brought on the interest in providing baked goods for the gluten-free market?

Gluten has crept into a lot of the foods we eat, quite often without us knowing or realizing. Even if you are not celiac you may have an intolerance to gluten be it big or small and may feel better once reducing it from your diet due to its allergenic nature and disruption to gut balance. We wanted to make gluten-free versions of the foods that typically contain gluten and show that it can be done and can be just as enjoyable to eat.

How is your gluten-free sourdough different from traditional sourdough?

The big difference is the flours we use. We use genuine and nutrient rich gluten-free flours, like sorghum, buckwheat, chickpea and certified gluten-free oat flour. Our technique is also very unique, as we allow our dough to ferment overnight before baking. Our team have mastered the art of making a bread without gluten that still has the elasticity and texture of a regular bread - we cant wait for you to try it!

How do you develop your recipes?

Anne: It is a collaboration between both Su and myself. Su designs all our products using all natural ingredients for great taste and then we review the nutritionals and taste of the recipes.

What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

Su:  We always try to incorporate a nice balance of flavour and texture in each range we create so that all our variants compliment one another. Ingredients always need to be fresh and unique. Out of all the ranges, I enjoy making the bread the most - the shaping, moulding, proofing and baking.

How long did it take for you to develop a good gluten free sourdough bread?

We started our starter at the same time we started the company so almost 2 years ago. We always wanted to bring out this product but spent a lot of time working on and perfecting it.

Can you give us some hints about new products in the pipeline?

We have LOTS of new products in development as we speak. We just launched a new gluten free cake to add to our range, Lemon Pistachio Cake, a luscious, light and zesty mid morning or afternoon tea cake. Staying true to The Whole Kitchen philosophy, it is low in sugar, gluten-free and using only premium ingredients; almond and coconut flours, pistachios, olive oil and locally sourced wildflower honey. We are very excited about this one (I’ve attached some sneak peak photos too!) We also have a Christmas Special coming up, as well as more healthy and delicious snack items, some of which are school lunchbox friendly in development. So stay tuned!

What do you like to listen to when you are working in the kitchen?  What’s on your baking playlist?

Su:  Music is totally important to getting everyone in a good mood when cooking. You have to keep everyone happy so anything from rock n roll to soul to new wave punk if I'm by myself creating new recipes!

How to order

Online ordering available at The Whole Kitchen website.  Delivery is available.  Products are available at various retails around the island.

A special offer for 1°GF and Singapore Celiac & Gluten Intolerance Group Members: an EXTRA $5 OFF for all with discount code: SGCELIAC.  Enter this code at check out to redeem. (Valid until 30th November, one use per customer, not in conjunction with any other promotion)

Loyalty Program from The Whole Kitchen

As a token of our appreciation and a thank you for everyone in Singapore for supporting us on The Whole Kitchen’s journey so far, we are launching a REWARDS PROGRAM to make it even easier to enjoy your favourite gluten-free, low sugar products from our kitchen!

Register between now and 31st October and receive 100 points ($10 OFF) just for signing up!

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