Vogel’s Gluten-Free Bread

Vogel’s Gluten-Free bread at Kiwi Kitchen

Don’t have time to bake your own gluten-free bread?  Kiwi Kitchen can deliver it right to your door.

Bread is the staple of life.  But what if you are following a gluten free diet?  Where will you find good bread on our little red dot?   Packaged gluten-free bread has a notorious reputation of having the texture of sawdust and the density of a black hole.  This week we found a little diamond in the rough: Vogel’s Gluten-Free & Dairy Free White Bread.

Vogel’s Gluten-Free bread is made in a dedicated facility in New Zealand and imported into Singapore by Kiwi Kitchen.  There are no artificial preservatives in this bread. Vogel’s Gluten-Free bread does contain white vinegar, a natural ingredient which helps retain freshness.  The bread is air shipped fresh in airtight packaging to Singapore and promptly frozen upon arrival.  It will stay fresh for up to 6 months in the freezer and should be eaten within a few days of thawing for best results.

Gingerbread Fold

We tested it out for you

This week four of our volunteer One Degree testers each brought home a loaf of frozen Vogel’s bread to sample.  Our testers were asked for their unbiased, honest opinion.   The bread was eaten by veteran celiacs, finicky children and discerning teen food critics.  The results are in and this bread is a winner!

Vogel’s is a soft and springy bread with a good texture and taste. It does not crumble easily.  Each loaf has approximately 15 slices of a good size and thickness.   As for ingredients, it rather starchy as compared to non-gluten-free breads, but is one of the closest to ‘regular’ bread that we have tried.

 What we thought…

“Overall an excellent bread and one of the best gluten-free breads I’ve tried (been coeliac nine years, so I’ve tried quite a few).  My picky two year old who is not gluten-free even ate it!”

“Probably the best textured gluten-free white bread we have tasted.   We would be likely to make toasted sandwiches as a treat again.  There is more starch in the bread than we would consume on a regular basis, but none of the additives we try to avoid so that’s great.  Currently we NEVER eat sandwiches.  Now, I can see we may possibly eat toasted sandwiches once a week!”

“Excellent product. It was thawed and kept in resealable package in the fridge.  Seriously impressed – most other gluten-free breads would have been a crumbly mess by Day 4”

How to get this bread

If you would like to try Vogel’s Gluten-Free White Bread yourself without getting out your passport, you can order it from www.KiwiKitchen.SGSeveral varieties are available including: Burger Buns, Chia and Toasted Sesame Seed, 6 Seed, Fruit and Spice, and Soy and Linseed (availability may vary).  Kiwi Kitchen  specializes in New Zealand products and carries a large gluten-free range of goods. They have friendly, personal customer service, easy to navigate website and free delivery on orders over $60.  Kiwi Kitchen is often able to deliver within 24-48 hours of receiving an order.


A big shout out to our testers Alison, Philipa and Sarah who tested, tasted and reviewed this product in an honest and timely fashion.



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