Wheat Starch

The low down on WHEAT STARCH: Is it safe?
What is wheat starch made of?

The 3 main components of wheat are fibre, starch and gluten protein.

How is wheat starch made?

The gliadin (gluten protein) is removed by milling the wheat into flour, making dough and washing out the starch.
Starch dissolves in water but gluten does not, so the gluten-protein sediment sinks to the bottom. Then the starch solution can be drained off and dried. It is further diluted to get the the accepted 20ppm level – this is what codex refers to as ‘gluten free wheat starch’.

Is wheat starch safe for a gluten free diet?

If you want to included wheat starch in your gluten free diet make sure it’s the certified gluten free version and complies with codex (international food standards).

Please note: gluten free wheat starch is not available to purchase in a packet for use at home, so don’t get confused and pop off to Fairprice and pick up the wheat starch there, yes it makes awesome dumplings but it is definitely not gluten free.

Can be food be gluten free and still contain wheat?

Yes, if gluten free what starch is used in the product.   It is important to remember that even gluten free wheat starch still contains wheat and can trigger a reaction in a true wheat allergy.

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